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Die größten arabischen Schwänze

Neue große arabische Schwänze sind in dieser neuen Fotogalerie versammelt. Marokkaner, Tunesier, Algerier, Nahost-Araber… Araber aus der ganzen Welt, die mehr als 20 cm unter ihren Hosen haben. Lange und offensiv breite Schwänze, um die größten Schlampen unter euch zu erfreuen, die davon träumen, sie in den Arsch zu nehmen oder sie für die weniger abenteuerlustigen zu lutschen.

Seien wir mal ehrlich, es ist nicht unbedingt die Länge, die zählt. Für mich sind die Schwänze, die mir die meiste Freude bereiten, die breitesten, weil sie dich gut ausfüllen. Beim Lutschen liebe ich große Eicheln zum Lutschen!

Arabische TTBM-Schwanzwand

Wenn auch du stolz auf deinen großen Schwanz bist, schick uns deine Fotos!


  • hello I am Annie from the Arcachon basin.

    not free but very complicit I am looking for a real black or half-breed man.
    sex like my spouse of 22x6cm or more !!!
    a feeling you want.
    Is there a man of the 33 who is as well or even better fitted than my spouse?
    is there a single man of 33 who is interested in a follow-up relationship with me green eyes 1m66 for 68 kg 95 b of chest who likes to suck swallow, get my ass fucked every time I have sex etc etc

    I am very serious my proposal is not fantasy or other and of course 100% free
    extramarital life possible with free all-inclusive accommodation

    jvoila I hope to find the right one but it seems impossible snif

    if single feeling ttbm real quick realization want or if compliant who wants to live with me in Gironde

    last tantative because already two years of research still not find a guy ttbm as I wish in France.

    • Hi. If one day you go to Toulouse, I would love to have a good time together. I prefer not to travel anymore because I came across too many false advertisements which turned out to be a waste of time. So I prefer that Madame moves for at least the first time and then I would be ready to move it. You seem like a big foodie, that’s what I need. I’ve been single for 1 year after 7 years in a relationship and now I’m starting to feel very hungry, I have a big appetite after 1 year my balls are about to explode. There masturbation it’s going for a while but now I want to eat 😉
      PS: I am 38 years old.

    • Hi the Ariègeoises, Haute-Garonnaises, the Midi-Pyrennees,
      I am from Toulouse. I am 38 years old. I came across this site by chance. I am not a consumer of this kind of site. But if there are women who pass by and who are from the Ariège, Haute-Garonne, Gers or Lot region, I would be delighted to meet them. I prefer quality over quantity.

      Single for 1 year and I was in a relationship for 7 years. I have some libertine experiences especially with my ex who was and who initiated me. But although I like free sex, I still have a preference for lasting relationships, possibly committing to serious if good feeling.

      My age preference is 30-55.
      I am French of North African origin I do not like the term beur so I prefer the term Franco-Algerian or North African.
      More open-minded than me, I don’t think it exists 😝.

      What is my kind of woman? A single criterion, feminine, who is simple and who likes life to enjoy the good times. The pleasures that life gives us. No more no less. I have the most affinity with women who don’t take themselves too seriously, who like to laugh, who tease, who are thirsty for adventure, who are fearless and who have a sense of repartee. . Don’t talk to me about politics or religion, I can’t stand chauvinism, nationalism, all those stupid things because that’s why people don’t respect each other anymore. I like free spirits, tolerant, who have kindness… Women I like them with character but sexually submissive, Yes I like to call the shots when it comes to sex but I have nothing against d reverse the trend sometimes. Ah last thing, I have a weakness for green and blue eyes. Regardless of size, weight, origin, I don’t stop at this kind of nonsense, it’s good for idiots.

      I don’t look like that, but I’m a romantic and a big foodie. I’m very naughty… I don’t drink or only occasionally, I never do drugs, I don’t take anything, I have no vices but fortunately I still have sex, love 😘. Of course I like naughty girls, especially the ones who don’t look like that but who ultimately turn out to be a real slut in intimacy. For what ? Because those who look alike come together and complement each other. And because it’s the best 😉 so chills guaranteed.
      Leave me your email or how to reach you and let’s see in private. The approach is serious, sincere, honest. I have passed the age of pretense, lies, narrow and petty minds.

      Notice to fakes all fakes, scammers, liars who pretend to be a woman, no need to get tired. And don’t ask me for a photo I would only give to women and only to see my profile and after talking on the phone.


      PS: sorry for the men I am not gay. My ex is bi but I’m straight.

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